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How we make a difference:

Ease of use
Setwork makes hiring talent so easy with a no-nonsense design that lets you search for filmmakers near you.
Global Access
Showcase your work to millions of potential clients worldwide with direct access hiring.
Payment Security
No more endless waiting for pay. Setwork pays filmmakers instantly upon job completion, depending on your country.

Our streamlined process


Use the search bar to find the filmmaker you need. Setwork Map will display verified users all around you for you to choose from.


Instant Messaging allows you to creatively brief your talent and discuss any details of the upcoming shoot.


Setwork Calendar displays the filmmakers availability. Make your booking and press complete when it’s done.

Sign up as a Client
Hire Filmmakers with ease
Sign up as a Filmmaker
Verify your Payout Bank Details and get paid


Payment is handled through Setwork via our secure online Payment Service Provider(s). Setwork assures your payment process to be safe and reliable.

You can hire a filmmaker for as long as you like providing the Filmmaker agrees to the duration of the hire prior to the booking and the Filmmaker is available for your desired length of hire.

You can make a booking any time in advance. A good practice would be to initally consult the Filmmaker to check for availability.

Press “Filmmaker running late” on the Booking Tab, this will alert the Filmmaker that they have one hour to make it to the booking. After one hour you may cancel the job if you choose. You will not be charged for the Booking. 

Your payment for the booking will be taken the moment you and the Filmmaker have both started the job by pressing “Start Job” on the Bookings Tab.

You can select two job titles in the Edit Profile page.
You can choose to register a nearby address or your home address should you choose.

Within Setwork v1.3 you can upload four pieces of work (photo or video). As Setwork grows, we will continue to add more space for you to upload your work.

Yes. If there is any issue you are having with the platform or any user, please contact Setwork via email to report and we will be here to support you and deal with the matter at hand.
In each booking, the ‘status’ indicator shows the current stage of your booking and indicates the stages of the job. ‘Pending’ indicates that you have paid for the job and are awaiting the shoot day. ‘In Progress’ means the shoot day has come and you have confirmed that the hired person is on set. ‘Complete’ means that the hired person has arrived on set and you have confirmed that they have completed the job.

A day rate on the Setwork v1.3 platform is currently defined as 10 hours. By selecting a ‘from’ date, to the next day, ‘to’ date, you will be booking for one day. From Jan 1st to Jan 2nd constitutes as one working day in the app.

Once you and the Client have both confirmed the completion of the job, by pressing “Job Complete”. Payment will then take place instantly or within 5 working days, depending on your country.

Please press “I’m running late and cannot make it”. Please note that you will be not be paid for the job, but keep a good relation with the Client for future work.

Please press “I left due to an emergency”, if this happens you will not be paid for the job.

Please register yourself as Client upon Sign Up.

You can create a Create both a Client Account and Filmmaker Account and use both for your given purposes.

In Setwork App v1.3 you can simply email for an account de-activation and your account will be deleted within 3-5 working days.