Who Wants To Earn Extra Income In 2022?

The film industry is a dynamic and ever-changing world with a lot of room for innovation. That is why we’re excited to introduce you to Setwork, the first global marketplace for film set freelancers.
You may be wondering how this benefits you, or what it even means. Essentially, Setwork changes the way people work on film sets by allowing them to charge their fees up front and get paid instantly once the job is done; there’s no more waiting months (or years!) for invoices to be paid.
For those who have taken a hit from the pandemic, it’s time to earn extra income again. For the people who want to get into the business of film editing, Setwork has increased job opportunities by allowing creatives to add two job roles to their profile.
Anyone who works on a film set can now make extra income with the Setwork app. Instead of waiting months for invoices to be paid, Setwork pays all creators instantly after the job is done. Remote workers such as editors have the power to charge for Amendment Requests and choose to accept the work or not. This is a revolution for the film industry.
Why Setwork?

We designed Setwork as a response to the growing need for flexible work opportunities. Film set freelancers have been hit by the recent downsizing faced by the film industry, and have been forced to either wait months or years for their invoices to be paid. We created this platform to support all people working on or off a film set, from the location managers, first assistant directors, makeup artists down to those who assist in post-production. These people include editors, models, actors, lighting gaffers and stylists… all of whom have never been paid on time before! They now have a platform that can provide them with immediate payment through our secure online payment system.

We believe that Setwork democratize the film industry for independent filmmakers. You can use this app to secure additional income, and see the payments you deserve, when you deserve it! Clients can rest assured that they can raise a dispute if an issue occurs with a project.

No matter what your job is, we’ve made it easier for you to get paid. That is why we created Setwork; created by filmmakers for filmmakers.

Let’s work together, and help pro filmmakers earn fair pay!

The new film industry starts with you; get started today for free at www.setwork.co.uk and download the app today.

Setwork Team